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Comedy Upstairs Friday, 31st May at Upstairs Inverness

If you’re seeking an evening brimming with laughter and entertainment, you’ve come to the perfect spot! Get ready for the return of Comedy Upstairs, May 31st, located at Upstairs Inverness. We’ve curated an exceptional night of comedy just for you, and it’s guaranteed to be an absolute delight!

Comedy Upstairs returns Friday, 31st May

With an incredible line-up and plenty of surprises in store. It’s sure to be an unforgettable evening of laughter and fun!

Your Headliner the brilliant Lorndog

Comedian Lorndog Highland Comedy

Lorndog, a stand out performer and your headliner

We are pleased to introduce you to Lorndog. Lorndog is a brilliant performer, myself and 17 other performers shared the stage at The Teuchters Comedy Eden Court show in the One Theatre in a sold out show. It’s no surprise that Lorndog was a stand out performer, gaining positive mention in a review on What’s On North. You are going to love this man!

Your Host Tom Cairns

Tom Cairns performing at The Novar Arms Hotel for DICC Dingwall International Comedy Club
Tom Cairns hosting DICC Out at The Novar Arms Hotel in Evanton

Tom Cairns one of the handlers the DICC (Dingwall International Comedy Club)

What an absolute treat for you lucky people! Tom Cairns! Tom is a wildcard comedian, you have no idea what he’s gonna say or do next but by God it will be good. His stage presence will put you at ease knowing you are in for a good show. He has hosted many gigs and has provided a great feeling of pace and enjoyment.

What Supporting Acts Are On This Gig?

Stephen Clark

Stephen Clark performing at The Comedy Rev on the 3rd of May
Stephen Clark performing at The Comedy Rev on the 3rd of May

Stephen has been a fixture in our line up for the past few months, and his growth as a performer has been nothing short of remarkable. With each appearance, he’s refined his set and honed his comedic style, earning rave reviews and uproarious laughter from audiences.

Despite the challenges that come with performing stand-up comedy, Stephen has embraced the stage with confidence and charisma, proving himself to be a natural talent with a knack for making people laugh. His fearless approach to comedy and dedication to his craft shine through in every performance, making him a standout act that you won’t want to miss.

Dan Sherwood-Clarke

Dan Sherwood-Clarke performing at Comedy Upstairs on the 23rd of April

Get ready for a night of uproarious laughter and entertainment at the upcoming Inverness Gig . Featuring the comedic brilliance of Dan Sherwood Clarke. As a standout performer in the comedy scene, Dan consistently delights audiences. Be it his quick wit, infectious charm, and dynamic stage presence.

Having honed his craft over several months of performances, Dan has emerged as a beloved fixture on the comedy circuit. Captivating audiences with his impeccable timing and boundless energy.

His ability to connect with people on a personal level and draw them into his world of humour makes each show feel like a shared experience, leaving everyone feeling uplifted and entertained.

Author of Diaries of a Naughty Boy

Iain Duncan

Iain Duncan performing at Comedy Upstairs on the 23rd of April

Get ready to be entertained by the comedic prowess of Iain Duncan, one of the guiding hands behind the Dingwall International Comedy Club (DICC). As both a handler and performer, Iain brings a wealth of experience and talent to the stage.

Drawing from his instincts and natural wit, Iain has crafted a repertoire of jokes and anecdotes that showcase his sharp observational humour. Having graced the stages of some of Scotland’s top comedy clubs, Iain’s journey in stand-up comedy has been marked by growth and success.

When Iain takes the stage, you can expect nothing short of a good time. Whether he’s sharing hilarious anecdotes from his own life. Riffing on current events, Iain’s wit and charm never fail to entertain. So mark your calendars and make sure to catch Iain Duncan in action on the 31st of May.

…and Mike Hendry

Venue and Ticket Information

For map directions to the gig click here. You can find Upstairs Inverness on 14 Bridge Street, Inverness, 1V1 1HD. You can find this venue near the Town House, it is very central.

Where can you buy tickets for this event

You can buy tickets from this website by clicking here. Tickets are £10. You can buy them on the door on the night as well. We accept cash and contactless payment.

Comedy Upstairs gig on the 23rd of April at Upstairs Inverness

Comedy Upstairs 23rd of April hosted by Kieran Lochore

Friday the 31st of May at Upstairs Inverness, Lorndog headlining at Comedy Upstairs.

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Comedy Upstairs Returns, 31st May – Headliner Lorndog