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A performer who’s been performing of us since 2018.

He is a prolific writer and a fantastic performer. And he has done so many shows. And he’s an absolute treat to watch. Learn performing of the tutors comedy clubs.

Comedian’s showcase at Eden court in 2019 Lauren was a standout act among 19 hour performers.

With an amazing array of jokes observations and situational comedy Lorndog takes the stage who are new refreshing approach each time.

On the 31st of May Friday. You can catch a Lorndog at comedy upstairs at upstairs Inverness.

At the gallons, this gig has had an amazing turn out and people are talking about it and we could not be happier.
Tickets for this gig could be bought.

From this website you can find your tickets from Here or you can buy them on the door we accept Cash and contacts list card.  Your headliner for the 31st of May is Lauren dog and we could not be happier so please come along.

And have a great time.

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Lorn Dog Headliner at Comedy Upstairs Live Event