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Check out this Live Comedy Event in Inverness on the 31st of May, with this amazing host of the night!

Your host for the 31st of May comedy upstairs. At upstairs Inverness, we have the wonderful. The absolutely amazing Tom Cairns will be steering the show. Live events and especially comedy, need someone who has good instincts for keeping a show going.

Tom Cairns at The Comedy Rev at Revolution Bar Inverness

Tom has established himself as a solid live performer, events he has done in and around Inverness have been a huge success.

Hosting experience Tom is one of the regular hosts of the Dingwall International Comedy Club. They have done gigs in Dingwall., they even do gigs out and about the Highlands and Islands.

Even in places that provide live comedy events, for instance, a Tom has developed a lot since we first saw him in Inverness. In the last couple of just the last year alone, he has gone from strength to strength. And we are so happy to have him on board. 

Tom Cairns Live Comedy Inverness Event

Tom Cairns is such a solid performer and what absolute treat is to have him on our stage.

I like to think of him as a bit of a wild card performer. You know you don’t know what he’s gonna say when he’s gonna say at whose gonna say it to, but you know, for a fact it’s gonna be so funny, so come along on the 31st of May to comedy upstairs upstairs.

tickets or 10 pounds, you can pay under the door your pay by cash or you can pay by the contactless. Payment tickets can also be bought from this website.  This gig is gonna be the absolute best and we cannot wait to see you there. Thank you.

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